Autism Holiday Shopping Guide

Autism Holiday Shopping GuideWell, based on my experience as an Autism Dad and not a huge holiday guy I’ve put together an autism holiday shopping guide. But before we go through the list should we dream a little?

If I had an unlimited budget (don’t we all?) or won the lottery this holiday I’d probably buy a new home in a much warmer environment. We would contract some awesome therapists to visit morning and afternoon 6 days a weekwith the Panzon. They’d have a car as well for socialization-sensory field trips. We’d have an awesome ABA-style classroom with everything we could imagine on the property. That would be next to the one acre organic garden opposite to the barn where my daughter’s horse and other animals would be (probably my workshop too). Not far across the property next to the changing and media house would be an awesome salt water pool (heated) and sun bathing area for maximum vitamin D absorption. There would be a fresh juice bar stocked with so many fresh fruits and veggies (and maybe a bottle of Crown Reserve for AutismDad as well). Did I mention the full-time staff for help around the house and grounds and the award-winning chef that loves to use organic products in her gluten-free, casein-free, soy and sugar free meals for the family?

Autism Holiday Shopping Guide

Ahh, the feeling of no financial pressure and a bit of accomplishment for the family health. I’ll keep working on this dream.

My motivation for these suggestions is two-fold:

  • many parents need ideas on what to use that could be beneficial for their kids
  • many parents forget that they themselves too need some things that bring sanity (with little guilt)

I say the second one because in my household we’ve basically cut out (or I have) all spending on ones self and defer all money to the little ones. Autism is no cheap ticket. I often am excited when there are coupons or like recently when I won an Amazon Gift card and got myself a Kindle for $2.50. Win, now just need to find time to read for recreation again.

Before I get to the meat of the list I have to tell you that while we do buy items for the Panzon we save most money and opt for family trips. We’ve decided it is more about the life memories than things, plus we get to go somewhere warm and chill out a bit. (If you ever decide to visit Mexico I reccommend Cabo and there are Autism Services in Cabo as well) Our way, not right or wrong just our way as a family.

So let’s get to the autism holiday shopping guide.

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