Autism Study on Vaccinated and Unvaccinated with Donald Trump

Melina Trump Autism Vaccines

This was the autism study parents of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder waited so long for. After the initial shock (or relief) a parent has when their child is diagnosed, then immediately signing up on the multiple 6-24 month waiting lists for ABA services, speech and occupational therapies you come down to your senses. I think the hard reality of “autism is a business” brings you there. But, any autism parent knows that ultimately you need to take control, become educated and make changes in your “lives” for your child. You may need to alter diet and heal the gut. Aside from the host of therapies, supplements and multiple “not-covered by insurance” treatments you resort back to science. You look for trusted sources and the latest studies to move forward direction for your child off of. Right?

Frontiers in Public Health Autism Vaccine StudyThere are many “reliable and trusted among peers” resources for the latest scientific studies. PubMed of course. Another is Frontiers in Public Health, a peer-reviewed journal aimed at the scientific community interested in the broad area of public health. This is good, right?

Recently in the fall of 2016 some researches at Jackson State University released a study on the differences in autism rates for children that are vaccinated to the CDC schedule and those not unvaccinated. You’d imagine there would be no difference since “the science is clear: “vaccines do not cause autism“, right? (or are we now being swayed to think it’s an infection during pregnancy that causes autism or the herpes virus may be a trigger for autism?)

They were able to have the study published with Frontiers in Public Health (FPH) on November 16th 2016. A day later, FPH retracted it. Why?

This appears to follow a familiar path. Peer-reviewed studies are released and retracted when the condition of autism spectrum disorders are scientifically linked to vaccines.

The Autism Study

Aluminum in Vaccines - Autism StudyThe CDC says that they are not certain of the causes of autism however, they are investing heavily in a SEED program (read the latest 2015 newsletter! seriously?) to look at genetics, environmental, pregnancy, and behavioral factors. (Tip to smart CDC scientists: look at the numerous immune activations caused by adjuvants in vaccines administrated during pregnancy that contain known toxic additives like glyphosate (the RoundUp pesticide that has been proven to actually be in vaccines administrated to pregnant mothers and babies that California now has labeled a carcinogenic by law). They then further to say on another page with certainty that, vaccines do not cause autism

So that is settled right? Apparently not since others keep connecting the dots.

Not according to a published peer-reviewed paper that was retracted a day later by Frontiers in Public Health on autism rates among the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

I’ve provided a link to this paper that was removed from the Frontiers in Public Health website: “Vaccine Outcomes vs. Unvaccinated and Autism” in it’s entirety for your enjoyment and disbelief.

Hillary Clinton, Vaccines & Autism

Why go here, now?

You remember the famous statements by Hillary Clinton regarding autism. She has a long history of supporting efforts to get children vaccinated. In 1993, she spearheaded the Childhood Immunization Initiative and the Vaccines for Children program, which aimed to make vaccines affordable. Nothing wrong with this. She also has been a strong voice for families dealing with autism, calling in 2007 for $700 million per year to fund research and education. Her comments in 2008 reflected a certain tension to advocating on both fronts.

As a U.S. senator and presidential candidate in 2008, Hillary Clinton expressed support for the theory that childhood vaccinations contribute to autism, writing in a campaign questionnaire that she was “committed” to finding the causes of autism, including “possible environmental causes like vaccines.”

Hillary Clinton Vaccine TweetAnd yet another famous vaccine-related statement (that was politically convenient for the election run) happened just two years ago. She put together a (weak and basic) “Autism plan for America” (if elected). She proposed a new, wide-ranging autism initiative that would expand insurance coverage for autism services. She promised to improve access to autism services through and private health insurance plans and to conduct a nationwide early screening outreach campaign.

What happened to commitments for finding the source(s) of autism and correcting them?

Let’s take into consideration the WikiLeak files that gave insight on how “autism” was a pro/con topic to sway votes and also highly debated inside the Clinton campaign headquarters. I guess now that she is not the POTUS her efforts for autism have become insignificant.

Too many American families are staying up at night worrying about their family members, especially children, who are living with autism. There is more we can do.

Hillary, January 5, 2016

Well she lost so this is not important to her anymore.

Chelsea Clinton Autism Study Comment on Barron Trump

Chelsea Clinton really said this? And for, why?

It get’s better. The one I despise the most is Hillary’s daughter Chelsea. For her to have the courage and audacity to actually publicly chime in on the Barron Trump autism accusation is disgusting. It’s a cheap shot she said to try and vindicate her mother and is actually sad when you think about it. Considering her dad was blown to climax in the oval office by an intern, impeached for lying about it and has countless other sexual accusations and maybe a son named Danny Williams who is half African American? 

Where are her tweets about her mom’s Vice Chair’s husband that has multiple counts of “sexting” and does so in front of his son? Some fucking balls she has, and probably does have actual balls.

If Chelsea did have a child with autism or downs syndrome I think Hillary would be a very vocal advocate for research, funding, treatments and a cure, don’t you? So according to her tweet Trump’s policies are opposing kids ability to be kids? I’m lost….

My point: autism can be a convenient talking point when it means the sway of heart strings in your favor, or rips apart your very own. When it hit’s close to home it’s personal, your passionate and you tend to become vocal.

Donald Trump & Autism

In 2017 we have Donald Trump in office and he’ll be with us for the next 4 years. I’m not a fan of the guy but as an American he is our President and I’ll need to accept this. Let’s deal with it.

He’s been very open and consistent about his views on autism over the years. His tweets here, here and here, has had open debate comments and recently as POTUS open commentary on autism rates with educators in the White House. (skip to 6:11 time)

MS. QUENNVILLE:  Hi, I’m Jane Quennville, and I’m a principal of a special-ed center in Virginia serving children ages five through twenty-two with autism and physical and medically fragile conditions.

THE PRESIDENT:  How is that going?


THE PRESIDENT:  Have you seen an increase in the autism with the children?

MS. QUENNVILLE:  Yes, yes.  In fact, our school has shifted its population — saw more children with autism, definitely.

THE PRESIDENT:  So what’s going on with autism?  When you look at the tremendous increases, really, it’s such an incredible — it’s like really a horrible thing to watch, the tremendous amount of increase.  Do you have any idea?  And you’re seeing it in the school? 

MS. QUENNVILLE:  Yes, I think — I mean, I think the statistics, I believe, are 1 in 66, 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with autism.

THE PRESIDENT:  And now it’s going to be even lower —

MS. QUENNVILLE:  Probably.

THE PRESIDENT:  — which is just amazing.  Well, maybe we can do something.

Barron Trump & Autism

Why is this relevant with a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study that was retracted? Let me explain.

I’m concluding my post with my thoughts about Donald Trump’s son Barron, and public correlations to him being on the spectrum. I’m not going on to share my opinion if Barron Trump has autism or not, that’s not important here; we’ll reference recent history. I also do not condone the bullying of children. What’s important is the conversation and some understanding.

Donald, Barron & Melania Trump
Credit: Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

The POTUS’s son has been targeted online by the public and celebrities like Rosie O’Donell. The origional video hinting that Barron may have autism was shared countless times on social media and the creator, whom himself claims to be on the spectrum, issued a full apology and removed the video.

This admission came after being served a cease and desist letter from the legal team representing Melania and son, Barron Trump. The term of “harassment and online bullying” was referenced. Notably the statement from Harder Mirell & Abrams LLP outlines the truth of the matter:

“This law firm represents First Lady–elect Melania Trump and her 10-year-old son, Barron Trump. A video was posted at YouTube recently speculating that Barron might be autistic. He is not,” Harder of Harder Mirell & Abrams LLP in Los Angeles tells Us of the seven-minute video, which features footage of Barron from various moments throughout the campaign. 

In my opinion, there are five important aspects to consider about what happened, and why it is relevant here:

#1) Shame or Embarrassment

Any disability- no matter if it is autism, down’s syndrome, a speech impediment or Lou Gehrig disease, there is no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed. Meth mouth when you smile, yes that is your fault. The rest, none are conditions of fault by that not of the individuals doing. If the implied intent of the person saying it because of historic reference and culture implications (see #3) then that is a asshole move. You are an asshole for doing that.

#2) History

No matter the disability when you are not of the “norm”, society has historically taught generations to single them out even when they shouldn’t be. They are not “normal”, so they are retarded, or have a disability. Even with laws in place the stereotyping of being “retarded” or “slow learner” is common with developmental delays like autism.

#3) Culture

Historically other countries apart from the United States have culturally “shunned” or “frowned” upon a disabled child or family member. In some European, Latin American and Middle Eastern countries they are considered to be a consequence of a bad family bloodline; shame for the family (and these countries all have autism).

It’s well-documented that the disabled, disfigured and mentally challenged people were sent off to live in a community or city to be out of sight for fear of family embarrassment. Remember the “Freak Shows” of the early 19th century touring the world? While this is sad and unimaginable now this was a real situation not so long ago. Some parts of the world still have a hard time changing tradition and the stigma of a poor family bloodline. They’re disabled, not the same as other family members. In fact I’ve personally been in contact with more than a half dozen parents of different cultures and heritages and they have confirmed the above sentiment.

Autism Study Statistics in Slovenia
Autism Statistics in Slovenia

As another reference point remember not so long ago, still in America and in certain religious communities having a child out of wedlock was an embarrassment to the family. Those women were sent off to communes to have the child, placed up for adoption and returned home like nothing happened. They went to church the following Sunday and prayed for their sins. I personally had an aunt do this in the 1960’s that I never knew about until recently.

So in reality that shame of having a “different” child can cause embarrassment or force a parent to find comfort in refuge. It’s not because a parent isn’t proud of their child, it’s because of upbringing and beliefs taught and exposed to. Stigma is a result of culture. Those can be hard to change, no matter the stigma it can take many, many years to alter perception.

Personally as a parent when my son was diagnosed I had a hard time with the labels associated. Saying my son had autism or was disabled was weird, and honestly hurt to say. I experienced conflict with him officially being labeled as “legally disabled” because his clinical condition also correlated to an insurance code allowing him to receive ABA and speech therapies. That bothered me. If he was not officially labeled we wouldn’t be able to get him the services recommended unless I paid cash. To this day I still have to be careful around family members if I refer to my son as “autistic” in conversation because they get offended, like I am saying he is dumb or broken. It’s not true, my intent is an approved clinical diagnosis, however, cultural and social reference stigma raise their ugly faces when I say “my son is autistic”.

I can totally relate if it was unearthed that Melania has a cultural stigma attached to autism. I had one too in the beginning. As a parent that you want your child to be healthy, safe and enjoy life. Since autism is largely an autoimmune disorder that keeps the brain on fire and affects social skills, this is something I would not want for anyones child. Yes, it breaks my heart every minute of every day to see my son suffer and not play with his peers. Days upon days in therapies. My child being autistic though does not mean I love them different, fight for them or take care of them any less.

If, and it is a big “if”, this is the case of the video and her legal statement you cannot blame her. She is in the public, an bystander really to her husband’s past and future as Barron is. There would be many, many implications of saying he is on the spectrum and his fathers public statements about autism and vaccines. It would be a much, much larger picture.

So if I was on the PR team for the First Lady my recommendation, no matter the clinical diagnosis would be to issue a strong statement via her legal team and silence the claims. Stop it once and for all and let’s get her child out of the spotlight.

Social media and fake news outlets change up the playing field today. Celebrities are targets and everyone with a mobile phone and a Facebook account who want to offer opinion, knock down and find fault in anyone with a strong public visibility. Mother Theresa even get’s hit. Many “news” sites love this realtime free content because they can spin it and surround it with ads that make them revenue. 

Making false claims or throwing in a punch in the conversation shielded by anonymity online speaks to one’s psychological depression, immaturity and stupidity. Providing the vehicle for which these conversations and stories take place shielded by legal terms of service omitting responsibility speaks motive: financial motive. Click-bait titles get click and impressions which mean ad revenue. It’s a shitty world.

#4)  Donald Trumps frequent, continuous statements about autism.

The POTUS mentioning that the autism rate is growing… it’s already too high, hearing too much about it and his reference back to vaccines as a potential participant speaks volumes. His debate about autism with Ben Carson during the primary’s. His reference to autism rates and that “something needs to be done about it” during the recent White House meeting with educators. He’s mentioned autism more publicly that the past three presidents combined.

Why is that? Think about it.

Donald Trump Autism TweetAnd I think, just maybe, he’ll do something about it.

What is that “something”? I have no idea, but let’s be hopeful.

I’m interested in attending a Congressional hearing with Dr. Thompson of the CDC to clarify the contents of his conversations with Brian Hooker stating the the CDC committed fraud with the MMR vaccine data. Is there anything to the fraud he voiced over multiple recorded calls that the movie Vaxxed was based off of? Was it all for show, or to stir the pot? Maybe he will call upon retired Congressmen Posey, Congressman Burton or Colleen Boyle to be a part of the conversation?

Or what about a real modification to CDC vaccine schedule (NEW! Bigger and Better in 2016!) and mandates in the United States? Is he “idiotic” for making statements, or drawing conclusions about “massive shots of vaccines”?

Maybe Donald Trump will create and enforce the guidelines of a Vaccine Commission led by Robert Kennedy Jr. as much talked about over the past few months?

Could it be that he’ll champion more funding for all aspects of research in the CDC, educational and private academic and clinical facilities? Maybe he’ll put more definition behind “scientific integrity” to make sure autism studies like the one in the start of this post are throughly vetted, peer-reviewed and not shamed or retracted for ulterior motives?

Maybe how autism affects an individual, a family, siblings, the education system, insurance policies, non-covered costs, age-out, jobs for the disabled, and long-term care is something Trump cares deeply about?

Could it be that Donald Trump is partial to the financial burden that autism families endure under private and public insurances?

Maybe he is aware of the pesticides and the toxic chemicals vaccines contain that are being injected into pregnant women and children are potentially harming them? The CDC says no ingredients in vaccine cause autism, but what about those individual ingredients in the adjuvants? What about glyphosate?

Maybe, just maybe he has skin in the game. *wink*

I guess we’ll see.


Something tells me that Trump is serious and we’ll see more efforts focused on Autism in 2017. To the extent of what remains to be seen. Realistically there is a LOT to be considered and many, many people, companies, investors, portfolio’s and lobbyist’s come in to play. That is why it could be very, very hard to make changes.

But we’ve seen some strange things happen in the past 12 months, right? 

I didn’t go into cannabis for treating autism because Trump’s Press Sectary Sean Spicer said they may be cracking down on recreational use. Medical cannabis was to be ok but not every state has clear medical laws or laws to treat autism with cannabis.  

The public has a right to see the the study of autism instances in the unvaccinated vs vaccinated done on a larger scale. If there are mandates like in California for children to be vaccinated in order to receive public schooling then the government that establishes the suggested schedule for vaccines, and the states that adopt those should provide equal, thorough testing and open results. That would take time, but if we started now we could have some great results by 2022. (I’d advise against Dr. Thompson, Thomas Verstraeten and Susan Boyle being involved though.)

In closing and for the record, I am not a “antivax lunatic”, in fact I’m far from it. My son got his full schedule up until he regressed, weeks after a 7-shot fun-day. I’m all about the safety of children and I, as a parent should be on the forefront of that decision. Not my government, not my church and not some large financial motive leading the way. I’m all about and vaccine schedule being for the safety and health of our children, not aligned with profits. I’d love for genetic testing be mandatory for a pregnancy to be covered by insurance or public assistance, only for the parents to know potential predispositions in their individual DNA that they could pass on.

I’d reallllly love for the United States Court of Federal Claims National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) have their process and inclusions of  to compensation for damages revised to include autism. I want the Secretary to acknowledge and accept that brain inflammation or acute and chronic encephalopathy are a serious complication of either the DTaP or MMR vaccines and are valid for compensation as a vaccine table injury. I’d like to see the vaccine manufactures have immunity of damages removed. Let’s talk accountability similar to that I have for my child’s health?

Wouldn’t it be nice to see a definitive, strictly-enforced conflict of interest policy implemented with large research labs and the CDC? Yes, it would.

Hey Mr. Trump, if this means we need to “do what is right” and perform more clinical studies, move some high-ranking positions around and payout some mistakes then so be it. Don’t harm anymore children that don’t need to be. Arm parents with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. Don’t censor truth, no matter what it is.

Mr. President, can you clean up this mess, please? (maybe some of the $45billion with help fund autism-vaccine research?)

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