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Michigan ABLE Act 529

Michigan ABLE Act MiABLE 529 (A) Video

The MiABLE 529 (A) Michigan has now completed the set-up and launched the disability savings program called the ABLE Act or MiABLE 529 (A). The ABLE Act stands for Achieving A Better Life and allows for a federal tax-deferred savings option for disabled persons in the State of Michigan. If you have a child of family …

ABA Frustrations

ABA Therapy

Today I am frustrated with ABA. More so I’m frustrated with how the services are just a business anymore. Let me explain how applied behavior analysis autism is becoming more of a profit-driven business model with our kids and families getting the shaft. Applied Behavior Analysis Autism As many autism parents know ABA (applied behavior …

Autism Sleep Aids

Autism Sleep Aid

I’m writing this towards the end of a bad day. So yes, it’ll be biased and mostly negative however, it is in attempt to share what is going on in a typical day of an Autism Dad, a fragment of a day at least. Let’s you into why we get this way and how the …