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Autism Journey Warning

Autism Journey Warning

Your autism journey is starting now. You’ve received theĀ autism diagnosis and are probably relieved, confused, distraught, angry or a combination of them all. Fact is that you probably thought something was going on and now have medical validation for your child. You are not crazy. What you are about to go on is an autism …

Healthy Organic Soap for Detox

Bronners Organic Soap

OrganicĀ Soap for Heavy Metal Detoxification On our journey in Autism and health one of the important things we learned was how many chemicals we have in ever day products. It was truly amazing on how much toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis. Organic soap seemed to be a more healthier approach. My …

Mighty Autism Lifestyle Changes

Autism Family on Mighty

This came across my feed the other day. The Mighty has some great resonating stories and videos that parents with children on the spectrum can relate to. Many times I’ve personally thought about moving away. Getting away from the grind, from processed foods and some property. Get clean soil and rais my kids on how …