What’s in juice?

What is in the juice that you give your children? Have you really stopped and read the label? I bet it’s not much of a concern when you are at a restaurant or in the drive through. I mean you’d have to ask for the label info right, and that 18 year old server will give you the dumbest look. Let me introduce to you something that will be great for your autistic child and family: cold press juicing.

Fresh Organic JuiceHealthy Cold Press Juicing

What are your kids going to drink today? Will it be apple juice? Maybe Kool Aid? How about a Coke or Pepsi? This was made today, all cold pressed into juice for my son. He’ll drink this down over the next 1-1/2 days. Everything is organic and we’ll add in some fresh lemon juice and stevia drops to give it some sweetness. He loves it.
Omega Cold Press Juicer
Omega Cold Press Juicer

Here is the cold press juicer we use. We used to do the super-fast juicing but learned that it grinds too fast and creates heat which cooks and eliminates many vitamins and minerals, or reduces their potency. It’s worked great for us and yes, it’s a pain in the ass to clean every other day, but the results we get are worth it.

 Listen to me: you don’t want to be in my position. I’m trying to correct something, to help something- a little person get better. The condition my son has requires him to be supplemented with many vitamins and minerals. Not everything can come from a pill. What’s that they said in school? “Eat live plants and fruits. Only consume what can spoil.” I think there is a lot of merit to this.
Organic Fruits and Vegetables for Cold Press JuicingHealth is so important and as a parent it’s your job. So next time out of convenience you grab a chocolate milk, a soft drink or some boxed juice think about what they are really consuming – will it be good or bad for them?
I seriously invite you to give juicing a try. If not go blended with smoothies. It can start with leafy greens and apples, some berries. Even start with a smoothie, throw some organic oats in there, some honey and even some peanut butter (all organic of course, we don’t like the taste of glyphosate do we?)
Yes, organic juicing can be expensive but then again those $60 co-pays per session of ABA, speech and OT can be expensive too right?
By the way, we drink it too.

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