Dr. Paul Offit says Barron Trump has Autism

Paul Offit says Barron Trump has Autism on ZDoggMD

This is some kind of amazingly special, idiotic display of a human with no class. In a recent interview with with ZDoggMD, Paul Offit continues his egregiously unethical behavior by diagnosing Barron Trump with autism, without actually assessing him, and determines that it was his father’s age at conception that was the cause.

Here is the quick clip.

Here is the full video interview.

Later that night Paul Offit went on Twitter and issued an official apology. Given the nature and tine you can see he was slapped- probably by the University Medical Center or White House as it is obvious that his PR team wrote this.

Paul Offit says Barron Trump has Autism

Almost two years ago I wrote about a new vaccines & autism, the lack (still) of no vaccinated vs unvaccinated study and how Rosie O’Donnel called out (then apologized) that Barron Trump has autism

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