Flu Vaccine Exemption Template

It is the dreaded time of the year- no wait, it’s ongoing all year. And if you are pregnant then it’s now recommended by the CDC that you get a flu vaccine. 

Today more and more larger companies support regular immunization of influenza and provide free flu shot clinics. Some of them at work too and, will even provide a gift card or coupon for a doughnut. Seriously. And if you work at a health service facility then it’s usually required so you do not get others sick. You can though, use a vaccination waiver to help avoid the flu shot.

Flu Shot Waiver

So what is a person to do? Simple, a personal exemption waiver is valid and clearly outlines your stance in a professional way. Download this flu exemption statement template to use for yourself or give to others.

Flu Exemption Statement | .doc

Influenza / flu exemption statement template | .pdf


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