High Nagalase Levels Still

Autism Detox NagalaseI’m stumped, and I’m also aggravated. We recently re-tested the Panzon and he has high nagalase levels still from 2.62 to now 2.48 after six months. WTF already – how do you get rid of nagalase? Not familiar with nagalase then read my other post on this enzyme.

He has heavy metals – Aluminum, Copper are the highest and we are doing general chelation that is bringing the levels down, slowly. We’ve also done separate blood, urine and hair heavy metal testing and again, high nagalase levels still.

We did raw cannabis juicing 2 oz a day in September. Have been on Rerum, Amino complex since A1 including Bravo as well (among other supplements). He’s been GF/CF/SF and sugar free (as much as we can be aware) since January. He has fresh organic veggie juice only every day. We supplement. We did GcMAF topical daily since June.

Glyphosate (good ole’ Round Up) is 1.23 ppb as of May. No parasites in stool or blood that we’ve checked for over the past year multiple times. He has good stool and bowl movements daily.

GcMAF for AutismWe are very familiar to cannabis and oils here in MI and have been active in pursuing many different forms of oils that vary in CBD and THC levels.

Yes, he has genetics and there are a few predispositions that we should have been aware of (I highly recommend to get genetic done on your kids asap):

1. Vit D binding protein; rs2282679(A;C)- genetic risk for Vit D deficiency

2. CAS11; rs9642880(T;T) – high risk of bladder cancer

3. CYP2R1; rs12794714(A;A) – genetic risk for Vit D deficiency

4. JAK2; rs12340895(C;G) – blood cancer risk

5. Vit D binding protein; rs7041(T;T) – genetic risk for Vit D deficiency

6. GSTP1; rs1695(A;G) – Vitamin E is harmful to him.

My questions that I need help with:

  • I am theorizing that the liver is not able to detox. Is this the right direction?
  • Will cannabis help? Is there a specific CBD/THCa level or THC I should target?. How is this determined?
  • Inflammation is occurring, my suspect is in the brain from heavy metals. What is the best chelation method you have tried? How did you benchmark results?

All input and opinions are appreciated.

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