Neuron Degeneration from Mercury

has Mercury Health EffectsThere is science on how heavy metals can affect the development in the neurological systems of our bodies. Neuron degeneration from Mercury can cause adverse effects in the brain of primates. Damage from mercury can even occur in even low doses. Once common mercury amalgam fillings or the Methylmercury, a very poisonous form of mercury found in vaccines. It forms when bacteria react with mercury in water, soil, or plants.

Mercury Causing Neuron Degeneration

This 1993 video produced by the University of Calgary on neuron degeneration from mercury in the brain illustrates the dangers of mercury. Mercury, most noteworthy is still included in many products such as vaccines in 2016.

This video shows science to back up claims of damage from mercury. As a result the United States Government posts warnings on mercury consumption.

From the site:

US Unborn babies and infants are very sensitive to methylmercury’s effects. Methylmercury causes central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) damage. How bad the damage is depends on how much poison gets into the body. Many of the symptoms of mercury poisoning are similar to symptoms of cerebral palsy. Methylmercury is thought to cause a form of cerebral palsy and Autism.

The FDA recommends women who are pregnant and nursing mothers avoid fish that may contain unsafe levels of methylmercury. This includes swordfish, king mackerel, shark, and tilefish. Infants should not eat these fish, either. No one should eat any of these fish caught by friends and family. Check with your local or state health department for warnings against locally caught, noncommercial fish.

Detoxing Mercury

There are certain proteins and adjuvants in vaccines that cause immune response, leading to auto-immune reactions. Look at Andrew Moulden’s work and damage to “SIDS” babies… massive ischemia. Mercury in vaccines cause the neuron fibers to literally unravel and degrade. Aluminum has devastating effects as well. The measles virus in the MMR has been found in the intestines of some children and reactions (T-cell response) causes a chronic “auto-immune” reaction (inflammation). With autism it is common to be diagnosed with mitochondrial disorder, and other dysfunctions.

Detoxing mercury is possible however, once the neurological system is damaged the regeneration and restoration can be stagnant.  Chlorella and ProChitosan are an important part of the detoxification program, as approximately 90% of the mercury in our bodies is eliminated through the stool. Chlorella is an algae and, unlike Protchitosan, has protein high levels of chlorophyll and other nutrients which can be used for nourishment.Chlorella powder can be a very cost effective approach over time. Some people will prefer the tablets or capsules for convenience. To dissolve chlorella powder place it in a container partially filled with water. Tighten the lid and shake to dissolve and drink the solution. There is an entire protocol (one of the many) available on Mercola.

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