Organic Farming

I recently watched a great video on organic farming. But it was not just about organic farming from promotional point of view, and there wasn’t an undertone that one might expect. I’m sharing this here for all autism parents to watch and it is short and consumable. There is no hidden agenda.

Organic Farming

What you are learning about autism life, the specific condition your child has and the answers you are searching for can be hiding in plain sight. We’ve been conditioned to do as we see and are told and conformity of simplicity has benefits and consequences. One major aspect for our kids is the impurities in our foods from decades of degeneration of products to the pesticides that seep into our foods through farming.

Regenerative Farming

White Oak Pastures is a third-generation owned and operated farm in Bluffton, GA. Will Harris tells us his evolution from industrial to regenerative farmer. In 15 minutes Will details how over decades of industrial farming he witnessed his town crumble and land raped of natural resources from industrial farming. Will shares lessons he has learned and how the concept of natural replenishment in livestock and agriculture turned his life and land around to a more fulfilling business and life.

If you are treating autism in your family I highly suggest you look more into organic consumption. More so I would recommend 

  • have a complete allergy test from blood. These allergy tests will be an eye-opener and answer many questions or connect dots to speculations you already have with your autistic child.
  • have your glyphosate levels tested. Glyphosate is Monsanto’s RoundUp pesticide and is widespread in the USA and other countries. Decades of use has seen this pesticide to be found in the cells of some of the food we eat and alo the breastmilk of mothers and linked to cancer. 
  • start on a gluten free and casein free diet. Gluten and casein could be aggravating the gut if your child and also made from GMO products that contain glyphosate.

Here is another video presentation from MIT researcher Stephanie Seneff who is leading the way on glyphosate research. She has shown where the consumption of the pesticide actually leads to glycine being mimicked in the brain of autistic children preventing cognitive learning.

You will be surprised on the changes that will occur in your autistic child and the differences you’ll see in your perception in what is happening to us in the modernized world of food production and marketing. For my family it has been life changing.


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