TACA as a first step

TACA – Talk About Curing Autism

TACA stands for Talk About Curing Autism. Luckily I was introduced to them early in our journey through autism, or autismo as they call it in Mexico.

TACA Journey GuideThe first and most important step for new parents to is believe that autism is treatable. There are many tested traditional therapies, medical interventions, and therapeutic tools that will make a difference in your child’s life.

When I was introduced to TACA as it was suggested for me to join their program (very affordable) and to order the parents autism journey guide. This should be one of your first steps, seriously. They go over a great process and cover a ton of things like the diagnosis, diet, working with your insurance and staying in a marriage to name a few. All things any autism parent can relate to.

TACA outlines the following:

  1. What to look for in Autism
  2. Newly diagnosed starting points
  3. Getting help and hope
  4. Learning aspects and therapies
  5. Medical and dietary interventions
  6. Staying organized

The protocols, or flowcharts of steps to take are very well tested, thought-out and logical. You’ll feel good early on coming across this book. This guide is written based on the experiences of TACA families, professionals, and contains best practices and alternative ideas for treating autism both medically and via traditional therapies.

Habla Espanol?

Guía en español para padres conviviendo con el autismo titulada: Navegando el mundo del autismo. Consiste de una guía de de alrededor de 75 páginas compuesta por tres volúmenes basados en la guía original “Autism Journey Guide” de TACA.

1. ¿Qué es el autismo y como puedo ayudar a mi niño?
2. Hablemos sobre dietas, nutrición y recetas para niños/personas con Autismo
3. Terapias tradicionales, estrategias para los arranques y rabietas e intervenciones biomédicas para el Autismo

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