Autism is Alumninum

If you have grandchildren, young kids or want kids this is worth your attention. I promise.
I’m green with disgust today rather than from over-consumption of green beer for St Patty’s Day.
My reality is setting in. Call it controversy, conspiracy theories or “taboo” but this cannot lie. The past 3 years is a testament to the work we have done in diet, therapies, environmental “cleaning” everywhere we could for my son. We’ve invested easily $100k non-reimbursable on so much, and in the end we are ahead on many fronts but not Aluminum removal.
Everything we’ve done to chelate metals has had success except for aluminum.
It’s in the brain. It’s jarred the immune system. Coupled with herbicides ( Glyphosate ) it’s killed good bacteria in my son’s gut. Those tests show similar findings.

Autism is aluminum induced neuro inflammation.

Most comes from the adjuvants included in vaccinations to preserve the attenuated on inactivated form of the viruses being protected from. You also inhale a ton in the atmosphere from Chem Trails on a daily basis – its nano particles.
Yep I said it. Crazy, batshit-whatever? See for yourself.
“Autism” is labeled a “spectrum” by design – it omits accountability to any one person or organization. This is why Congress enacted the Vaccination Compensation Program in 1986- liability is removed from manufactures, Doctors and Government. There is a special court you can go to make a claim. I’ve been through it and LOST. Hindsight I hand no chance unless my son would have died shortly after his inoculations at 1 year old.
You honestly think that eczema, peanut and tree nut allergies, asthma, epilepsy in a 6-moth old is natural? All really result from “what” is in vaccines given to the host in pregnancy and postnatal.
Genetic predispositions? Yes, I am a believer as I can see them on our families testing. Mutations from generation to generation caused by what? Environmental factors. My son has one called the “Agent Orange” snp, named after a known mutation from the chemical sprayed on troops in Vietnam like is grandfather was. Passed to me, me to him.
Our kids will, undoubtedly have the toughest health generation to exist in.
Doritos vs. a apple
Twinkie vs. raisens
Chicken nuggets vs. a real grilled chicken breast
Granola bar vs. real granola
Cherrios vs. real eggs
Deep-fried farm raised fish for Lent? (really!)
What is real food?
What do your kids really eat? 
How common is it to now see overweight kids?
So, when you “Light it Up Blue in April” remember that #AutismSpeaks wastes money, fluff’s ego’s, pockets and is infiltrated by RX and GOV. They waste money on so much and are avoiding the issue to prove: a double-blind placebo study of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children over 36 months. It’s never happened and sadly, it won’t. It’d be a monumental crushing blow for the CDC, NIH and DHHS not to mention manufactures.
Get back to real eating and real, natural care of your family. 
Don’t walk my path, use it to set yours.

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