Birdhouse Autism App

Something that is needed in the autism world is an easy to use a smartphone app that lets you log everything about your child’s day, privately & securely.  In comes the Birdhouse Autism App.

Autism is tough already and knowing what happens when in 30 days is likely not going to happen. Tracking of meltdowns, sleep, poop (yes when and how they poop) is critical. Doctors and therapists need and want to know of effective different therapies and supplements are over time. With some of our kids its tough to remember everything including the size, firmness, and color of poop on a given day.

Below is some relevant information on Autism although a little dated, still relevant. 

If you are looking for a web-based app to track everything autism then Birdhouse may be a solution to consider.

Autism Today and Preparing for Tomorrow

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