Cannabis for Autism as a Treatment

I’m approached about using cannabis for autism as a treatment more frequently. Why? I’m no expert but I have some miles on this topic.

Cannabis for Autism: The Michigan Petition

I was a part of an autism petition in Michigan a few years ago to get autism as a treatable condition for medical marijuana. It was only after an article in the Detroit Freep Press that I looked into this as a potential treatment. Let me be clear, I’ve not touched any drugs since high school or even cared about them. Heck, aside from some nicotine consumption here and there (I’m getting better) I rarely touch alcohol anymore. The hangovers just don’t sit well with me in my old 40-somethign age and I need to be on my A-Game for the Panzon who has autism. Plus working and my other two children I cannot afford a day no-less a morning of self-pity or bedrest treating a hangover. Back to my story….

Cannabis for Autism Treatments - P450 Proxy Cannabis Spray
Cannabis for Autism Treatments – P450 Proxy

I sought out the attorney on the petition and wanted to learn more about cannabis as a treatment for autism. What he knew or who he could refer me to. What I learned is that there is a HUGE underground network of groups that consist of many, many parents. Parents from all walks of life, all races and professional backgrounds that are looking for and experimenting with cannabis as a treatment for their kids. And it’s just not autism either. It’s epilepsy, it’s auto-immune disorders, kidney disease, asthma, brain disorders – all different kinds of conditions. Parents are t-i-r-e-d of that bullshit handed to them by Dr’s, insurance companies and providers. They, like me and probably you are seeking alternative routes, by any means too.

*Side Note: if you are seeking legal cannabis treatments I’d focus on Colorado right now (January 2017). There is a lot of professional research and real-world feedback for treatments. Insert image is that of a new not-yet fully available CBD/THC Spray that is specially formulated to target a P450 Enzyme.

So I joined the petition and put my family front and center. I wanted a legal way to try this out that would not potentially place my family in legal harm. I bought a ticket and went to the Autism Alliance annual conference that happened to be the next week in Colorado. The conference had some good sessions on autism but they did not condone the use of cannabis as a treatment. So I visited a lot of dispensaries and individuals. Lot’s of love and genuine help in that state. I may have acquired some products and rented a car to drive all the way back home.

Speaking with many other parents here in my state, there are a lot of the same questions. What do I use? How much? How do I administrate it? What am I looking for? Will I get in trouble? What if it shows up in his testing at the doctor- will it be reported.

See what I mean? Why should a parent that want’s to help their child not have safe and verified information to make sound decisions? It’s such bullshit that we face. We are given the option of a few prescribed drugs and one of them is Marinol. Don’t know about Marinol? Well, it’s a FDA approved, synthetic form of THC. It’s patented by the US Government. It’s the same THC that you would find in cannabis but just a patentable form.

Bask to the petition for Autism…. We spent money, hired a PR firm, we promoted and got people to show up. We bent ears and we won an approval. The Medical Marijuana Board appointed by the director of LARA gave a 4-2 in favor. We won. He put the right people in place to make a sound decision.

Until a month later we didn’t.

The director of LARA shot down his own appointed boards’ decision. He didn’t like what they decided – Doctors from reputable hospitals that agreed to make it a treatable condition. All gone. Autism was no longer going to be a legal, treatable condition in Michigan.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • parents are frustrated, torn, hurt and beaten-down
  • lot’s of self-pity and victim-states
  • many have tried so many therapies and treatments
  • many are clueless and actually disinterested in “working” to help their child

I know the last comment could dig deep but I see this weekly. And in their defense, it could be a number of things that are contributing that makes them beaten. But more time than not I am approached by parents looking for that “pill” or simple solution to make their autistic child “normal.” Let me know when you find it, please let me know.

Frequent Emails for Help on Cannabis & Autism

Here is a typical referral I get:

Hey, it’s XXXXXXX. I have a business relationship with XXXXXXXX and they have a client with a child that has Autism. They wanted to speak with you about using cannabis to treat autism. Can you please call them? 

Here is a typical starting email or Instant Message that I’ll get:


My name is XXXXXX and I have been in touch with XXXXXX about MM for Autism.  If you would like to call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX or cellXXX-XXX-XXXX that would be great. I understand you use and know protocols for treating autism with marijuana. My XXXXX is X years old with severe autism. We’ve tried many therapies and he still has aggressive behaviors. There is CBD made from the marijuana plant but you need the card. I do not want to give him the oil or vape or anything like that for fear it could hurt his disability benefits if found out.  I am not sure if my sons Dr can be one of the Dr.’s or not.  It is hard to find someone to talk to about this. Can you provide any information to help me? 

IM Cannabis Autism Treatment Chat RequestThese really kill me. 

Why? Because as you can see here they are all too common. All walks of life. All professions. All races.

Autism does not have any stereotypes. No racism here.

So this mother was looking for options. She even ordered some CBD oil online and wanted to try it out. But didn’t know how much, or if the “taboo” of cannabis is true? Come to find out that this mother was a clinical physician and her husband was as well. They have so much access to knowledge and research and referrals. But they also are so scared. This is something that could have their MD licenses revoked. People knowing that they approve, even to try could ruin their practice’s. They could really piss off big pharma, I mean they are the distributors of Rx products right? 

It say’s a lot when a Dr. is coming to a civilian asking questions about a natural plant as a treatment. I’m not knocking it either, it simply reinforces that not all Rx is good. Not all Rx can fix everything. Even the doctors are saying this!

So, this was my email response. Now know, this is a typical response I give. I always try to sort out what they have done or tried first that would be contributing to the condition clinically known as autism (I think it’s a false explanation of brain and liver inflammation). Take what you can from it. And yes, I am working on a post and video about juicing cannabis whole plant. For the time being there is a good post on cold press juicing here.


I understand your position; you stated that your child has a clinical autism diagnosis? How old? Are there other co-occuring conditions? What other therapies, treatments and or pharmaceuticals have you tried?

There are 3 referrals I can provide to you.

The first is Doc XXXXX which you can easily find online. They are located in XXXXXX and have Doctors that can see you and your son and possibly make medical recommendations for treatments like cannabis. You would have to reach out to them directly as I have no affiliation.

There are probably other conditions he has like chronic pain from brain swelling, gut inflammation from chemicals or sleep conditions that could fall under the state medical marijuana qualifying conditions. This would need to be determined by you and your doctor(s) and I would not be implying to alter or fabricate any conditions to achieve a medical marijuana card for your child.

The second is – he is a leading doctor in southern Michigan that has a tremendous amount of experience in dealign with autism and the endocannabinoid system. He has an immense understanding of the correlation of the human endocannabinoid and cannabis phytocannabinoids in how they interact. I must also tell you that a large part of his research looks at how glyphosate, which is found everywhere (RoundUp pesticide) is a major player in deregulation of the receptors in the brain and affects on the liver. This is a large issue as well in autistic children. Dr Bogner has a lot of information on his site at that would be of interest to you.

The third resource is Autism Dad which you can view at  This is a parent that is aggressively trying many therapies including cannabis to help cure the condition known as autism.

Before you dive deeper into cannabis I would ask you to consider a number of things. Yes, cannabis can be a part of the puzzle to help[ your child. Some have found that it is only a small part of the correctiveness that needs to be done. At times it may only act like an aspirin and not a long-term cure. For some parents, this can be a game changer – to administrate for compulsive or aggressive behaviors due to the clinical diagnosis called autism. However, many parents I find look at this as the next “cure” to try. It can be far from that.

– you are aware and believe that the brain and the gut are connected and feed each other correct?

– what other protocols have you tried and to what success?

– how is your child’s diet? There are major contributing factors in autism that derive from diet alone that can be corrected. If you’ve not aware I’d say to start here. Gluten and Casein are major players in our children’s liver and gut health. 

– genetics. Getting a simple genetic test done will tell you a lot of the preexisting dispositions your child had coming in to this world. I’m going to assume, by my gut and knowledge that your child has decencies in Vitamin D, amino acids and more.

– How is your child’s bowl movements?

– Have you done any heavy metal testing? Start with a hair test and then move on to urine to compare. Many with autism will have high aluminum, mercury, copper and other known neurotoxins that trouble the brain and liver. Here is a link to a new Italian study just published on the 23rd that shows proof of many containments and metals being found in vaccines:

– Glyphosate testing from blood: it’s known that the pesticide glyphosate can become lodged and clog-up the liver. This spills over to the gut and also can mimic glycine in the brain (which cannabis can help) which causes inflammation 

-Nagalase: this is a byproduct of viruses and bacteria in your body that inhibits an immune system to operate properly. There is a blood test for this. If there are higher levels this can result in the immune systems ability to heal disruptions going on. I recommend getting these to gain the full picture:

  • 23andMe
  • comprehensive stool analysis
  • gluten and ceasing peptides
  • Lyme
  • IgG/IvG food allergy
  • organic acids test
  • metals hair
  • metals urine
  • toxic organic chemical profile
  • glyphosate
  • nagalase
  • phospholipase activity test

See how many things can come in to play?

I am not aware of your child’s medical history or the interventions you’ve tried. I’ve personally been through a lot and continue to explore new areas on a daily basis. What I have found is that nothing happens overnight. Lot’s of times with new protocols, treatments etc there is regression. If your child is young or non/limited verbal communication this can be very frustrating, a guessing game for parents. There needs to be a protocol based by regular data: behaviors, response in therapies, bowl movements, display of emotions, blood testing – to truly determine what is working for you.

I’ve found that autism is a real shitty, medical/clinical billing code definition and explanation of what it really is: a convoluted host of immune dysregulations involving the brain and liver due to genetic predispositions aggravated by environmental toxins either injected or absorbed. And, this is accidental unfortunately.

If you follow the CDC’s schedule of vaccinations you’ll have given your child 49 doses of 14 vaccines by the time they are 6 years old. By age 18 that will be 69 doses of 16 vaccines. All of these vaccines included adjvuents like aluminum, thimerosall (ethylmercury) in the influenza and all have gelatins to feed the viruses for shelf life. The gelatins are from pigs or cows and those animals likely are not Non-GMO fed or grown. They likely will be ingesting glyphosate from feed, or injected with antibiotics and growth hormones. Those containments are processed or absorbed their own cells. When then processed as food or byproducts like gelatins for vaccines they already contain glyphosate that is injected directly into the body. These above have all already been scientifically proven.

Any child, those in the early stages of life have a fragile, not fully developed immune system, liver and digestive track. My concerns are the heavy metals which are known to cause neurological damages. If the liver cannot detoxify these metals from the body then they will play a part in your child’s neurological functions. Glyphosate is a pesticide that will kill good flora and bacteria in the gut as well.

Cannabis can be a part of a solution for your child however, I’d advise for every parent to look at a complete picture. 

If you go down this road go verrrry slow. There is a lot to consider. Sourcing a reliable source for plant. Staying organic through the entire grow process. Getting labs done for content of CBD, THC, THCa and more elemetns. Also testing for molds, fungus and parasites. Then the processing of the plant – the carriers. Then testing dosage and reaction. Need a log and consider other factors like current therapies, diet, weather, current medications and sleep. What’s working or changing? 

If you go this route start to learn more about the science and get legal, if you can. Stay protected and be smart.

Hope this helps, let me know if you’d like to speak further.

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