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Mitochondrial DNA Defects Linked to Autism

Mitochondrial Autism

Mitochondrial Disease Autism The journal PLOS Genetics published a new study conducted by Cornell University in which researchers confirms the link between some forms of mitochondrial disease autism in DNA. The mitochondrial DNA autism study builds on previous scholarship linking mitochondrial functions with autism spectrum disorder by providing a larger sample size. Researchers compared mitochondrial DNA, or mtDNA, …

NF1 linked to autism symptoms

NF1 Neurofibromin

The genetics surrounding a possible autism link has been theĀ focus of many researchersā€™ investigations. MIT scientists recently reversed symptoms of autism through gene editing, and now researchers have isolated another gene linked to autism, according to a paper published in the journalJAMA Psychiatry. The scientists identified the gene in patients suffering from a rare tumor …