Frequently asked questions about autism

**NOTE** This is a living section of frequently asked questions and answers about autism. I do not guarantee the validity of claims made here; many are from my personal experiences and considered opinions.

What do you think is the cause of autism?

This is a tough one and I am not sure there is one sure-fire answer. Every individual is specific and unique. There is a saying that once you met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism! Through my personal journey and after having invested countless hours in research, conversation and through my own testing on my son I’d say that there are major environmental factors that are activated or aggravated. These ride on some possible predetermined dispositions in genetics that child may have and not known. Once introduced the body may not have the ability like others, to properly deal with them which eventually leads to traumatic events or progressive damages in the body. This are known to be in the brain, immune system, gut, liver and nervous system among other places in the body. Hence the reason it is called a “spectrum” disorder. (My belief is that a broad term like spectrum helps to  elude some of the environmental reasons that could be linked back to for-profit corporate initiatives connected to political and governmental interests)

Is there a cure for autism?

Great question and the one that discovers the answer of proof will be a part of history.

I believe that autism can be treated and corrected but one first needs to know what is damaged, why it was damaged and consider a proper chain of correction.

What are treatments for autism?

There are a number of treatments for autism spectrum disorders and each diagnosis usually has a suggestive treatment path. it also depends on who you ask or who is telling you. Most medical professional or those that provide the assessment results (usually at a larger medical center or hospital) will refer you to ABA (advanced behavioral analysis) and therapies in speech, occupation and physical.

Speak to a parent that has been in the autism game for a while and they will (probably) be able to tell you about their experiences with: diet, elimination of sugar, chelation and detoxification, supplements, stem cells, probiotics, saunas, hyperberic oxygen chambers, ABA, speech, electromagnetic EMF among others. There is a long list – believe me!


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