Glutamate and Gluten Casein Free

I’ve been lax in writing but active in collecting information in consumable, understandable formats. Through my travels in autism and actually trying myself, there are aspects I can share where I’ve personally seen benefits in. This Ted talk is one of them.

Removing Glutamate and the autism diet

In this video Dr. Katherine Reid, a biochemist, and mother of five with her youngest daughter having autism. Through her research and trial and error, Dr. Reid determined that certain foods were associated with her daughter’s autistic behaviors. She clearly explains how glutamate is in abundance in everyday foods and outline over 50 scientific names for glutamate that are commonly labeled and hidden in foods. The key is removing glutamate in your diet.

Her association to a gluten-free, casein-free diet while removing processed foods clearly shows example of letting the complex amino acids do their work by removing glutamate. Therefore showing a beneficial impact on individuals with autism disorders.

Dr. Reid started her own organization called UnBlind My Mind: Unblind My Mind is devoted to improving the health of individuals and families through informed food choices and the elimination of foods that have a negative impact on health. Her emphasis is the REID diet.

The REID Program is a lifestyle-changing diet created to help individuals interested in removing food toxins from their diet and pantry.  Most foods that are fresh, natural, and unaltered are acceptable in the diet, but there are many companies now that are creating food products without harmful additives that are healthy and good for us. Please see the Pantry page for food products that are “approved” as a part of the diet.  

The REID Program (Reduced Excitatory Inflammatory Diet) suggests daily food ratios, with the greatest ratio consisting of high fiber vegetables. You can find those ratios here.

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