What Heavy Metal Testing to do?

Hair Metal Testing ExampleHeavy metal testing is an important factor of any human’s health. Let alone autism any heavy metals in our bodies can affect health in a number of ways. Heavy metals have been linked to conditions like Parkinsons, Alzheimer’s and in our case Autism. 

Recently I was asked a question from a new mom online and it was relevant. Got me thinking back a few years ago when I started in autism I had the same curiosities and how heavy metal testing could provide some direction or answers with the Panzon as well.

Q: Hello, Could you tell me what blood tests you requested to measure your son’s heavy metal levels?  I am new to this and would appreciate any help in this area. Thank you!

A: I’d start with hair elements test which you can buy without a scrip. All you’ll need to do is cut some hair from the underpart of the back of your child’s head and send in. A week later you get the results and detailed explanation. The second would be a metals from urine and I’d recommend a 24 hour test from Great Plains. Another is Analytical Research Labs. This heavy metal test takes about 1-2 weeks to get results. You’ll likely need a scrip from a Doc in the USA to get it. With these two you’ll have a good idea of fast (urine) and slow (hair) chelation that is happening naturally. Over time depending on your treatments, diet, efforts of (enter your protocol here) you should check (I do every 6 months) to see progress of removal.

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