Treating Autism with Cannabis in Michigan

Michigan allows Medical Pot for Autism

In Michigan it took 3 petitions, 4 years and over 1,120 pages of peer-reviewed medical studies to finally convince a panel that medical pot for autism can be viable.

On May 4th, 2018 the Michigan Medical Marijuana Board voted in favor (once again like in 2015) 5 yes, 1 no, to legalize cannabis as a treatment for those diagnosed with autism. The former director of LARA at the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs rejected an autism recommendation in 2015. But medical experts say there is growing evidence that cannabis is an effective treatment for individuals, and its use has been championed by many passionate and desperate parents.

Medical Pot for AutismCorrect. We said this over 3+ years ago and showed the science (more on this later).

The Michigan Medical Marihuana Panel who is chaired by Michigan Chief Medical Executive Dr. Eden, is also recommending that Michigan allow medical marijuana use for Parkinson’s Disease, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Tourette’s Syndrome, inflammatory bowel diseases, spinal cord injuries, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis and chronic pain, a variation on current rules allowing treatment for chronic or debilitating conditions.

In 2015 former director Mike Zimmer rejected a request to add autism to the law citing a lack of scientific evidence and concerns it would not just apply to severe cases. The new proposal would allow medical pot treatment for autism.

Wells, who originally voted against the petition in 2015 had a change of heart this time around citing that ” there’s been a lot more experience the past few years with our medical provider community.”

Hummm…what “experience” specifically Dr. Wells?

Medical Pot for Lead Poisoning

Dr. Wells supports Medical Pot for AutismWhy the change of heart? Maybe it’s Dr. Wells experience of being charged with serious felonies regarding innocent kids in Flint, MI?  Wells is charged by State Attorney General Bill Schuette with involuntary manslaughter, lying to a special police agent and obstruction of justice regarding the 2014-2015 Legionnaires’ outbreak that killed 12 people and sickened at least 79 others.

Maybe its because she’s been outed recently of having knowledge of this problem and elected to not do anything except lie? Or maybe she knows that cannabis would be a great alternative to the opioid’s that could be prescribed to those damaged with Legionnaires? Why be a champion now for a product that cannot be patented and is on the bill for recreational use this fall? I mean, she needs some friends right now.

Or could the special interests of major cannabis players be padding the political pockets of those running for office? (wink wink Brian Calley) Lt. Governor Calley is a large proponent of helping those with autism in Michigan, probably motivated by the fact that his daughter has autism. Well maybe…. His passion to help those with autism had him champion a $8 million grant to Centria Autism Services. Shortly after, with allegations of the mishandling of medical records and fraud Lt’ Governor Calley received $106,400 in political campaign contributions for his run for Governor in Michigan from a fundraiser held by Centria’s executive management. 

Medical Pot for Autism Brian CalleyIn 2015 he never gave comment on medical pot for autism until the then Director of LARA turned against his appointed medical board. Lt. Governor Brian Calley quickly jumped on the radio and stated that there was not enough science and he feared for the safety of kids using medical pot for autism.

Brian Calley likes to tout his path is “guided by the Lord Jesus Christ.” Remember when Calley ran through the streets of Flint, MI two years ago one afternoon to help pass out clean water to residents? Ya, one day of work. His words eloquently guided by God. 

One will never know his real motives. Thank “God” he won’t be in office as Governor. Michigan families dealing with autism or legionnaires disease will not need to seek his approval or pay a donation for help. (like Chris Wilcox of Centria Autism Healthcare did)

Medical Pot for Autism in Michigan

The recommendations now head to LARA Director Shelly Edgerton, appointed to the post in 2016, who has until July 10 to make a final decision on most of the conditions. Because the petition was filed later, she has until Aug. 6 to decide on the chronic pain petition. 

Here’s her email and phone: (517) 373-1820- tell her you support pot for autism in Michigan.


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